5 Simple and Transformative Tips for Mastering Mindset and Reaching Goals

Rachel Peters is a professional health coach who inspires her clients and students to live their best lives and achieve their goals through proven habit-changing techniques that involve optimizing daily routines. I can tell you from my own experience in Rachel’s Embody Ease program that the techniques are realistic and doable. Rachel is our guest writer in this inspiring blog where she offers her transformative tips to help you master mindset and reach  your health and wellness goals. Visit Rachel’s website for more about her programs to embody ease and come alive with new habits to achieve your dreams. 

Master your mindset

Your mindset is a powerful tool. It can be used in your favor and unconsciously against you. Your personal behaviors and daily actions have a deep cause and effect on your daily lifestyle and on your physical, mental, and emotional health. Today we are living out the ripple effect of decisions we made months, even years ago.

Your daily rhythms and choice points are like an inner compass, constantly making subtle and sometimes not so subtle shifts in the direction of your future and the unfolding of your life and ultimately your health.

Given the cultural norms of western society and the emphasis on body and image, most of us are likely limiting our health and wellness potential by comparison, questioning value, worth or some undercurrent of ‘I’m not good enough.’

  • Have you ever struggled to reach a goal you desired so badly or knew would completely change your life?

  • Do you tend to procrastinate things that are important to you because it’s not the “right” time? Or you tell yourself you don’t have enough time?

  • Have you ever stopped setting specific and measurable goals around your health and your life because in the past you haven’t reached them?

  • Do you put off projects (for example: a writing project, a creative project, a garden, taking up pilates or yoga, etc.) because you are afraid you will be judged or criticized by others?

  • Do you avoid investing in yourself and your own growth and health, because deep down there is a question of your value and real worth?

If you answered yes to any of the above you may be limiting yourself and your potential by the systems you are using to reach your goals. Ayurveda, “the science of everyday living” is  rooted in following the lead of nature. Nature’s fundamental role is to change, pulse and evolve. We are constantly being asked to play the edge, evolve and change if we are in the flow with nature.

Have you heard about Neuroplasticity? It is the proven principle that we can change the structure and function of our brain throughout our lives. Your thoughts, emotions, and behavior are the primary means of making change. Don’t underestimate the power of what you say and think about yourself. Your health depends on it.

5 Simple Tips To Reach Your Goals

If your mindset is getting in the way of reaching your goals, consider practicing and applying these five simple tips and tools to your current health or wellness challenge and  bloom into your potential:

1. Engage Your Edge

It’s scary to change and try new things. But did you know fear and excitement have the same physical sensation in the body? With this in mind, reframe how you define and relate to fear, take a step in the direction of your goals and dreams, and prioritize your growth. What matters most to you and why?

2. Start before you’re ready.

You’ll learn along the way. If there is a desire, hunger or craving for change in your career or health and wellness, begin now. Invest in yourself. You are worth the investment. What do you have to lose?

3. Do the one small thing.

Small steps towards your goal is how you make big change over time. When any part of you freezes up, or you find yourself in overwhelm, you know you’ve taken on too much. Small bites are easier to digest, assimilate and nourish. Make a list of all the things you want to do. Pick one.

4. Your Self Talk Matters.

Practice self-compassion and speak to yourself as you would to your best friend. What you think about yourself and how you describe yourself to others has a ripple effect. Be positive. Create an anchor statement for yourself for when you feel stuck to move you back into the flow of your potential.

5. Embrace the process.

There is no finish line. There are only points on the map. Enjoy the scenery. Life is a laboratory. Let yourself experiment. When we embrace the unexpected twists and turns and see them as teachers along the way, life becomes more fun and playful.

When you look at your health as more than a metric of weight or size and see it more as a state of being established in who you are, there is less room for critique and judgment and more room for experimentation and success. It’s the stuff we do every day (or don’t do) that dramatically determines how we end up feeling. I’m talking super basic stuff like getting enough sleep, how we feed ourselves, how we use our bodies, and how much stimulation we give our minds. When we’ve got these dialed in, we get off the exhausting treadmill of busyness and open up to greater ease, flow and potential.

I’d love to hear about your health and wellness goals and the different  things you do to help achieve them. Leave a comment below to share.

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