Herbs and Practices for Supporting Grief (Cancelled)


Sun, March 29, 9:00 am – 11:00 am

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Herbs and Practices for Supporting Grief

Date: Sunday, March 29, 9:00 am - 11:00 am

This class will explore the modern approaches for managing grief and the effect these have had on the heart and soul of our culture.  We will begin to ask the question “what does our grief ask of us” and learn the practices necessary to fully feel our grief and to support our friends and family in times of suffering. We will explore herbal allies that support the body systems affected as well as other practices that create space for the feelings of grief in our life.  This class is a welcoming space for people who are grieving, people who work with those suffering grief and anyone who may, someday, experience grief in their life.  This class will be a safe space with room for both tears and laughter; sometimes at the same time.

Instructor: Dani LaVoire; Dani is a long time Prescott resident who is passionate about creating strong communities. She is a Homebirth Midwife, Home Funeral Educator and wanna-be-farmer.  Through her work supporting families through transitions she has seen that our community is strongest when we know how to show up for each other in times of need.  Dani hosts the local Death Cafe at the Peregrine Bookstore and is working to create a network of resources to help locals find support and alternatives for end of life care.  An energetic public speaker, Dani offers workshops on Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss, Reclaiming Death Care and Home Funerals, Herbs for Grief, Canning and Fermentation.


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