At Nectar our Herbalists offer personalized herbal supplements and personal service. Herbalists are trained in the use of medicinal plants. Our approach to health is informed by the long tradition of herbal medicine as well as the latest scientific research.

Suzanne Teachey

Herbalist & Proprietress

Meet our herbalist and proprietress, Suzanne Teachey. In 1995, Suzanne left a career in law to pursue her passion for nature and medicinal plants. She graduated from the California School of Herbal Studies in 1996 and has been pursuing her love of herbs ever since. Her experience as an herbalist includes a clinical practice, management of an integrative pharmacy and an herbal apothecary. Suzanne enjoys teaching others about the use of herbs and inspiring people to lead healthier lifestyles with the support of medicinal plants. Suzanne loves harvesting wild medicinal plants and creating handcrafted herbal products. Suzanne is also an experienced yoga teacher and loves sharing tools for health and well-being with her students. She holds a BA from Ohio State University and a JD from Loyola Law School.


Our Vision

We envision a community in which herbs and herbal education are an integral part of a healthcare system that honors and provides for the unique needs and health goals of every person.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our community by offering the finest herbal products available and to provide herbal education that empowers our customers to make informed, evidence-based decisions about the use of herbs to meet their healthcare goals and to live healthier, happier lives.

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