Nectar Team Member Spotlight | Tiara Leitzman

Its been almost three years since Tiara arrived in Prescott, crossed the threshold at Nectar and changed our lives forever. She was drawn to learning about herbs, oils, and natural skincare, but she brought a wealth of knowledge and creativity all her own. You won’t hear her bragging about it, but Tiara has completely transformed our presence on Instagram and Facebook and now plays a major role in all our marketing endeavors, from idea generation, to photoshoots and photo editing, ad content and development.

During her transformational time at Nectar, Tiara has been studying herbal medicine and learning to support people in need. While her herbal skill and knowledge are considerable, her kindness and caring come naturally and will be the root of her success as an herbalist.

Here’s Tiara in her own words.

Would you share a little about yourself, your background, where you’re from, etc.?

Hi there, I’m Tiara! My fiancé and I moved to Arizona three years ago from Indiana to build our tiny house on wheels. We now live in Prescott with our chicken nugget of a dog named Fiona.

What did your family do for healthcare when you were growing up?

I didn’t even know natural remedies existed until I was an adult. I was raised on a steady rotation of over-the-counter drugs and antibiotics. There was a pill for every symptom and our family doctor “knew all.”

How have natural remedies like herbs and essential oils made a difference in your life?

Herbs and essential oils have completely enhanced my life and well-being. Using plant medicine teaches you to be in-tune with your mind, body, and spirit in a way that modern medicine can not. Knowing that I can reach into my little apothecary to maintain balance in my daily rhythm instills a confidence in me that I never knew I had.

How do you fit herbs and essential oils into your daily routine?

My daily rotation of plant medicine includes a lung tonic tincture, to strengthen and restore balance to my respiratory system, an adaptogen blend, to ground and calm my nervous system, and an essential oil blend called Calm Balm, to relieve tension and stress throughout the day. I get excited when I meet a new plant ally so my daily routine always has something new sprinkled in.

Why do you like working at Nectar?

Working a Nectar has been such a gift, it honestly doesn’t even feel like work! My favorite part of Nectar is learning from my great friends and herbal mentors, Suzanne Teachey and Cathie Devore. Without their guidance it would have taken me A LOT longer to discover my true passion. I’m eternally grateful for their love and wisdom. Aside from meeting some of my greatest friends, Nectar allows me to guide and learn from others on their wellness journey. Each day I get to have incredible conversations with like-minded individuals who inspire me constantly.

What’s your favorite herb, essential oil or tea, what do you like about it, and why do you use it?

ELECAMPANE. Meeting Elecampane for the first time was such a magical experience and I have been infatuated with her ever since. Elecampane is such a unique plant that works on many levels. It is an expectorant that helps clear the lungs. It’s an alterative, meaning it helps the body cleanse and detoxify. It’s also a bitter and carminative that stimulates digestion and helps ease gas and bloating. Elecampane is also used energetically to help break-up stagnant energy and expel negative energy. I often rely on elecampane to protect my energy through grounding when I’m feeling over-extended and/or depleted. Not to mention, the aroma of elecampane is so intoxicating to me– so much to love!

Do you have any advice for someone, just starting to explore natural remedies?

As soon as I discovered plant medicine I wanted to know everything, right then. Patience is key! Make sure you find a credible resource for your information. Create or join a local herb-nerd community, attend herbal classes (like the ones we offer here at Nectar!), go to the library to stock up on books from different herbalists, seek a mentor, or give The Herbal Academy a visit online. (Suzanne’s blogs are also a GREAT resource!) There are so many ways to get started and everyone has their own path. Get creative, enjoy every bit of the process and make it your own!

If you were a medicinal plant, what plant would you be and why?

I would love to say Elecampane because I think it is such a magical plant. However, I have always identified with Dandelion. It was the first plant I remember playing with as a child, popping off their golden tops or making a wish on their fluffy seeds. Dandelions are such light and playful little weeds, yet they pack a resilient punch- always managing to pop right back up after hardships. We all have a little dandelion power in us.

What else would you like to share?

Have fun, be patient, and respect our precious mother! You will never stop learning about the many gifts that plants have to offer us. Take care of this gorgeous planet so she can continue to offer us these incredible resources. Harvest responsibly and educate yourself on endangered plants through resources like United Plant Savers.

Tiara is a bright, shining light. We are so very happy that she has found her passion and we are very grateful for her work, her friendship and her beautiful presence in our lives. Thank you SO much, Tiara!

Do you have a favorite moment with or anecdote to share about Tiara? Drop us a comment below to share.

With love,

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