This month’s Nectar Customer Spotlight belongs to Diane Harvey. I haven’t know Diane very long, but her open heart and ready affection make me feel like I’ve known her a lifetime. She is a radiant, kind and light-filled soul. Every time she stops in the shop she brings a hug and a charge of positive energy with her. I love having Diane in class. As a former research librarian, I can count on her to ask pointed, clarifying questions that get right to the heart of the issue. Here’s more about Diane in her own words.

Would you share a little about yourself, your background, where you’re from, etc.?

I grew up on the east coast and lived there until my husband Dave and I relocated to Prescott last year. After spending my working life as an academic research librarian, I am delighted to be retired and doing yoga, hiking the amazing trails around Prescott, and learning about herbs at Nectar.

What did your family do for healthcare when you were growing up?

We always had a medicine cabinet filled with over the counter remedies — something for every condition. If we had an ache or pain, my mother would say, “Take something for it” and reach in the cabinet. I’ve tended to go in the opposite direction and resist taking medication. Herbs are something I feel much more comfortable with.

What are the biggest challenges you face in taking good care of yourself and living a healthy lifestyle?

Simply paying attention to how I feel, both physically and emotionally, is an ongoing challenge for me. As my mindfulness and awareness have grown through practices such as yoga and meditation, I’m better able to understand how I’m feeling and seek healthy solutions.

How have natural remedies like herbs and essential oils made a difference in your life?

For years I’ve wanted to know more about herbs and essential oils. Now I have resources, like the lovely folks at Nectar, who can help me. By using tinctures, teas, and skin lotions, I have been able to balance body and mind and establish daily and long term practices that work for me.

What else do you do to take care of yourself and the people around you?

My committed meditation and yoga practices are an excellent fit with incorporating more herbal solutions into my daily life. I love to cook and enjoy the variety of fresh ingredients I’m able to find locally. I venture out for hikes as often as I can — Arizona sunshine is a remarkable tonic.

Why do you like to shop at Nectar?

Nectar was one of the first places I discovered when I moved to Prescott — right along with a yoga studio and coffee shops! It is a beautiful space where the products are invitingly and carefully displayed. But of course it is the staff that makes the store special. I’ve learned so much from them and they’ve become friends. Whenever I’m out for a walk downtown, I stop by to say hello and see what’s new.

What’s your favorite herb, essential oil or tea, what do you like about it, and why do you use it?

Suzanne blended a tincture for me that I use every day. I enjoyed the consultation conversation that we had beforehand. My favorite tea is Belly Calm Chai, and I am also a fan of the Green Goddess/Green Tea lotion that we made in class. It works perfectly for my skin.

Have you taken classes at Nectar? What was your class experience?

The classes are amazing! I can’t say enough about how helpful and congenial they are. In my work I did a lot of teaching and training, so I particularly appreciate the careful preparation that Suzanne and her staff put into each class. They are well organized, full of information, and have great hands on participation.

Do you have any advice for someone, just starting to explore natural remedies?

Seek out good teachers and good products. There’s a lot of information out there on the internet but it’s hard to know what is reliable. I would rather rely on conversations with people I trust.

If you were a medicinal plant, what plant would you be and why?

Lavender grows easily, has many uses, and smells so good.

We’re lucky to have Diane as a part of our Nectar family. I hope you get to meet her; perhaps in one of our up-coming classes, on the yoga mat, or out on the trails on a beautiful day. Thanks so much Diane, for showing up for our Customer Spotlight and for being such a radiant part of the Nectar Community.

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