Nectar Customer Spotlight | Heather Mead

This month’s Nectar Customer Spotlight belongs to Heather Mead, a Prescott native who embodies everything I love about this small town. The first time we met she was making an herbal concoction for her family and I had the most enjoyable experience talking with her about recipes and ingredients. More recently Heather brought me a handwritten copy of the shaving cream recipe she created for her husband. Heather radiates warmth and kindness. She’s real, down to earth, and always has helpful advice.

Would you share a little about yourself, your background, where you’re from, etc.?
My name is Heather and I was born and raised in Prescott. I am married to Garrett and we have eight year old twins, Trace and Ruby. I attended Northern Arizona University and have a BA in Interior design. We are all passionate about learning new things, design, art, cooking, creating, and being in nature. I am most comfortable being a doer, cleaning, and making whatever space I am in more calming, organized, and balanced.

What did your family do for healthcare when you were growing up?
My little brother and I were raised by our Mom who worked hard to provide for us. She put herself through beauty school when we were young, so we spent a lot of time with our grandparents. The two of them had many alternative remedies in their bag of tricks as they grew up during the depression, so we became used to that. Our grandmother also had a bottle of Merthiolate and she used to swab our sore throats with that…let’s just say, no one ever faked having a sore throat!

What are the biggest challenges you face in taking good care of yourself and living a healthy lifestyle?
The most challenging thing for me is time. I am trying to be more mindful about giving myself a little time each day, even if just to wash my face or reflect on my day. I’m good at taking care of other people, and I enjoy doing that, but it is also important to take care of myself. Having young children and other responsibilities means a full schedule most of the time. As they grow and become more self-sufficient there will be more time for other things!

How do you fit herbs and essential oils into your daily routine?
I love cooking and use culinary herbs in most all of our meals. I have also been making facial and body oils that we use daily. My husband uses homemade shaving lotion—when he feels like shaving! We have also been making elderberry syrup to keep our immunity strong.

What else do you do to take care of yourself and the other people around you?
I am very good at making sure my family gets plenty of rest and stays hydrated. We eat healthy, but also enjoy special treats in moderation—that is important for our wellbeing! We try to spend as much time as we can outside, usually riding our mountain bikes on the trails.

Why do you like to shop at Nectar?
I love everything about Nectar! The moment I walk in, the smells lift my mood. Everyone who is part of the shop is so knowledgeable and kind. I feel like I still have SO much to learn and try and I love that.

What type of DIY herbal projects do you have in the works?
I am making rosewater with rose petals from my mother’s organic garden and also working on an herbal salt-water spritzer for our hair. I will be sure to let you know how it all goes!

Do you have any advice for someone, just starting to explore natural remedies?
Explore Nectar, ask questions, and just go for it! It’s so amazing to be able to use nature and creativity to create incredible products for your health. It’s much more cost-effective to make things yourself, and you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

If you were a medicinal plant, what plant would you be and why?
This is a great question, so challenging to answer! I think Rosemary is my best answer. Low maintenance and strong, Rosemary is an independent and simple plant. Rosemary doesn’t like much attention and thrives with very little maintenance. It can be used for so many things from food, to internal healing. Rosemary is an achiever, and so am I!

What a cool person, mom, wife and maker. I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know Heather and look forward to more great conversations with her. Thanks so much Heather, for showing up for our Customer Spotlight and for being such a bright part of the Nectar Community.


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