This Maca Ginseng elixir is stimulating and energizing. Loaded with herbs to strengthen the body and promote health and vitality, it can be used in a multitude of creative ways. For people under mountains of stress, working long hours or engaged in strenuous physical exercise, take one teaspoon in the morning as a daily tonic. For coffee drinkers, a teaspoon added to a cup of coffee makes for a long-lasting boost.

Women experiencing menopausal symptoms may also enjoy this elixir as a daily tonic. For more on Maca and Ginseng for women, check out this article, Three Herbs to Unleash Feminine Power.  Lovers will delight in this elixir sipped from small cordial glasses. If you like to entertain, a dash or two of this elixir can take the place of bitters in your favorite cocktail for an exceptional drink and an unforgettably lively party!

maca ginseng elixir ingredients

Elixirs are sweet, aromatic medicinal beverages and a favorite of herbalists for the ingestion of tonic or strengthening herbs like Maca and Ginseng. This elixir also incorporates digestive bitters, Dandelion Root and Gentian Root to promote liver and digestive function. Herbal bitters stimulate digestive fire ensuring that you are getting all that you can from the food you eat and easily eliminating what your body can’t use. Along with a healthy nervous system and balanced response to stress, healthy digestion is also key to overall health and vitality. To learn more about the health benefits of digestive bitters check out this article, Herbal Remedies for Digestive Health Part One: Herbal Bitters.

I’ve added Cardamom to this elixir because I love the subtle, spicy complexity it offers. Feel free to experiment with other richly flavored or spicy herbs. I’m sure Anise, Cinnamon, Ginger, Fennel, Rose or Vanilla would all be lovely addition to this blend.

Maca Ginseng Elixir Recipe


1.5 ounces (3 tbsp or 45 ml) Maca Tincture
1 ounce (2 tbsp or 30 ml) Panax Ginseng Tincture
1 ounce (2 tbsp or 30 ml) Dandelion Root Tincture
½ ounce (1 tbsp or 15 ml) Ashwagandha Root Tincture
½ ounce (1 tbsp or 15 ml) Cardamom Tincture
2 tsp (10 ml) Licorice Root Tincture
1 tsp (5 ml) Gentian Root Tincture
3 ounces Honey or Maple Syrup

Yields: Approximately 8 ounces

Instructions: Combine all of the ingredients in an 8 ounce glass bottle or jar. Shake well until the honey or maple syrup is full incorporated. Cap and store in the cupboard and use as needed.



maca ginseng elixir

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