Give your skin a treat with this DIY matcha green tea face mask! Green tea’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help to combat sun damage that causes premature aging of the skin. Poor diet and environmental toxins also play a role in premature aging of the skin, but the sun is the main culprit. Compounds in green tea have been shown to protect the skin from sun damage and inhibit skin cancer cells when applied topically and taken orally.

And if green tea is so good for your skin, I’m sure you can imagine what it does for your body!  Find out more about the health benefits of green tea, including the top five reasons I drink green tea every day, here.

In this DIY matcha green tea face mask, I’ve combined matcha powder with French green clay to help draw out toxins and tighten the pores. The silky, smooth powder is perfect for a mask. Be sure you’re using pure matcha green tea powder, and not a sugary matcha blend. If you have a favorite cosmetic clay for DIY masks, feel free to substitute it for the French green clay. Raw organic honey creates the paste and works as a humectant to draw moisture to the skin. In place of the honey, you can substitute water or a hydrosol. I prefer to use honey, because it makes the mask less drying.



Matcha Green Tea Face Mask Recipe


1 tsp matcha green tea powder
1 tsp French green clay
raw honey


Combine the matcha green tea powder and French green clay in a small bowl. Slowly stir in enough honey to make a thick paste. Gently spread the paste on clean, freshly washed skin. This mask is great for your face, but can be used on your chest, back, or anywhere you want to maintain healthy younger looking skin. Relax and allow the mask to set for at least 15 minutes. Gently remove the mask with warm water and a wash cloth. Pat your skin dry and then apply a toner or hydrosol. For more green tea nourishment on your skin, try this DIY green tea lotion.

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