Filled with easy-to-make herbal products, this DIY self-care kit is an invitation to nourish the body, mind and spirit. It makes a luxurious gift for that special person who’s always there for everyone else, but rarely allows time from themselves, or even better – as a simple pleasure for yourself. I’ve filled this box with herbal bath and body care creations, but it can easily be customized with your favorite DIY self-care products.

Here you’ll find all the recipes you need to create this thoughtful gift box. Add a candle or some incense for a spa-like bath experience, or any other self-care essentials you love. This kit says, “Close the door, turn down the lights, and enjoy a sumptuous soak with your precious self – you deserve it!”

Simple Scented Bath Salts

These bath salts look beautiful and smell divine. Choose essential oils like lavender, rose geranium or marjoram for deep relaxation, or citrus essential oils like bergamot or sweet orange to uplift the spirit. For self-love and a more sensuous, euphoric experience, consider essential oils like vanilla, jasmine, or ylang ylang. Dried flowers make these salts more beautiful and add to their therapeutic effects. If you choose to add dried flowers, gift these bath salts with a small muslin bag and instructions to place the salts in the bag before adding to the bath tub for easier cleanup afterward!

16 ounces (by weight) of bath salts (Dead Sea salts, Himalayan pink salts, or Epsom salts)
1/8 – 1/2 tsp (12 – 40 drops) essential oils of your choice
Optional: 1/8 – 1/2 cup dried flowers (lavender, rose, calendula, chamomile)

Mix the bath salts in a mixing bowl. Add the essential oils and dried flowers and mix well. Place in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid and label. To use the salts, spoon 1/3 to 1/2 cup of the blend into a warm bath. If the blend contains dried flowers, spoon the salts into the muslin bag and place the bag into the bath. Relax, let go, and enjoy a luxurious soak.

Herbal Bathtub Tea

Encourage another round of self-care with an herbal bathtub tea. You can choose from many soothing herbs to customize the tea. Choose herbs like lavender and chamomile for relaxation, or calendula and gotu kola to soothe the skin. You could even create an herbal bath to ease cold or flu symptoms using eucalyptus, yarrow, mugwort, and peppermint. Hop over to Herbal Bath Therapy  for a list of ten different herbs for the bath and four unique herbal bathtub tea recipes to include in your DIY self-care kit.

Scented Body Oil

After the bath, complete the self-care ritual with this soothing, aromatic body oil. In the Ayurvedic healing tradition, daily self-massage with oil is considered an act of self-love. Once again, you can customize the oil blend by choosing different carrier oils and essential oils to promote relaxation, uplift the heart, or ease sore muscles.

1/2 cup carrier oil (4 fluid ounces) (Apricot Kernel, Avocado, Jojoba, Olive, Sesame, or Sweet Almond)
1/2 – 1 tsp (50-100 drops) essential oils

Here are four essential oil blends for a four-ounce body oil. Feel free to experiment with your own combinations, too!

30 drops Lavender
10 drops Sweet Orange
10 drops Marjoram

Stimulating & Uplifting
25 drops Rosemary
15 drops Peppermint
10 drops Pink Grapefruit
5 drops Bergamot

Muscle Relaxing
20 drop Marjoram
15 drops Lavender
10 drops Rosemary
5 drop Clary Sage

20 drops Ylang Ylang
15 drops Sandalwood
10 drops Patchouli
5 drops Rose Geranium

Carefully drop the essential oils into a four-ounce bottle. Add the carrier oils, cap, and gently shake to blend. Label and enjoy!

When you’re creating these beautiful self-care goods for your friends and family, be sure to mix up extra for yourself. If you’re encouraging others to practice self-care, give yourself permission, too. Tiny Pleasures: 12 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care is a collection of other simple self-care rituals to bring more balance to a busy life.

I hope these DIY self-care kit recipes bring you ease, and provide peace to those you gift them to. Snap a picture of your self-care kit creations and tag it with #nectarherbandtea on Instagram! Your friends and family will all be hoping it’s for them.


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