This DIY Essential Oil Diffuser is simple to make and will please anyone on your gift list! You can use an up-cycled glass bottle, foraged twigs, and any carrier oil/essential oil you have on hand. They add an incredible aroma and decorative touch to any room in the house.



About ¼ cup of carrier oil (Sweet Almond, Olive, Jojoba)
½ - 1 tsp (50-100 drops) of Essential Oil of your choice
Dried Weed Stalks or Bamboo Skewers
Small Bottle

Once you have all of your supplies assembled, carefully drop the essential oils into the small bottle using an eyedropper. Pour in the carrier oil and stir to blend with one of the reeds. Place the remaining reeds in the bottle and allow to steep in the oil mixture. After a short while, flip the stalks over in the bottle to allow the oils to diffuse more rapidly.

So easy! The stalks can be flipped over in the bottle occasionally to increase diffusion of the essential oil aroma. Add more essential oils as needed, 1-2 times per month.

Supply Notes:
I found these old bottles at a local antique store. The brown bottles actually say “Lysol” which I found amusing. However, any small bottle with a relatively large opening will work. I collected the weed stalks in an open field near my house. They were already quite dry–I just stripped off the dried leaves and cut them to the right length. If there’s nothing to harvest near you, bamboo skewers used for barbecuing will also work well. They can usually be found at any store that sells kitchen supplies.

If you are giving this as a gift, package the carrier oil/essential oil blend in a bottle with a cap and include instructions for assembly.

Essential Oils:
As for what essential oils to use, it’s personal. Choose essentials oils with the fragrance and/or therapeutic properties you want in your home or to offer as a gift. In class we used clove and cinnamon essential oils for a warming holiday scent.

Clove essential oil has a warming, sweet-spicy scent with delicate vanilla floral top notes. It is strengthening, warming, and promotes sensuality. It is used for weakness, both physically and emotionally. Clove bud oil may be used to promote self-confidence, courage, motivation and grounding. Topical use of this skin-irritant oil should be avoided.

Cinnamon essential oil is also warming and sensuous. It is useful in cases of emotional and physical coldness and withdrawal, weakness, and burnout. Cinnamon oil promotes vitality and increased self-esteem. Of course, together these two oils smell like pumpkin pie that’s just come out of the oven.

Have fun making these beautiful diffusers. Let me know if you have questions.

Well Wishes,

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