Make this cooling aromatherapy spray for a super quick and refreshing break on a long summer day. When the heat is high and the sun is shining, I always have an aromatherapy spray on hand for an instant cool down. This mist combines the calm, cooling properties of Lavender with the rejuvenating, uplifting aroma of Spearmint for the perfect heat-beating spray.

Cool It Mist Recipe



Add the Lavender and Spearmint essential oils to the glass bottle, drop by drop. Fill the remainder of the bottle with Lavender Hydrosol. Or, if Lavender Hydrosol is unavailable, add the distilled water and vodka mixture instead. (The alcohol in the vodka helps the essential oils disburse in the fluid.) Cap and label. Always shake well before using. With eyes closed, gently mist above and around your face and shoulders. Spray on arms, legs or other exposed skin as desired.

aromatherapy diy
aromatherapy diy
cooling essential oil mist

Keep this cooling spray on hand for your next outing to the beach, summer music festivals, outdoor barbeques and picnics. And be sure your mist bottle is full when you leave home. Your friends and family will all what to enjoy this refreshing mist. 



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