An Herbal Craft Project for Paper Lovers: DIY Tea-Dyed Botanical Note Cards

You don’t need to be an artist to create these beautiful DIY tea-dyed botanical note cards. If you do enjoy getting creative, you’ll love mixing the colors and textures of the unique tea-dyed papers and the vintage botanical images.

The supplies you need are simple and affordable. If you don’t won’t to purchase rubber stamps, print your vintage plant images from this amazing royalty-free resource, created by the Biodiversity Heritage Library. A warning before you dive in—this collection contains millions of vintage botanical and wildlife illustrations that can draw you in for days. Hand-making these stunning cards is also fun and it’s easy to innovate as you go.

Supplies You Will Need:

Herbal Teas (Rooibos Tea and Turmeric Powder were used for the cards you see here)
Small Muslin Bags (at least one for each tea)
Small Bowl (at least one for each tea)
Blank Note Cards (like these)
Scrap paper (reclaimed packing and tissue paper, old news print, etc.)
White or cream paper
Botanical Rubber Stamps or Vintage Botanical Prints
Ink Pad if using rubber stamps
Glue Stick
Parchment Paper

DIY Tea-Dyed Vintage Botanical Note Cards Instructions:

  1. Spoon approximately two tablespoons of each tea or herb into a muslin bag. Place the bag in a small bowl and cover muslin bags with boiling water. Allow to steep for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Lay out your cards and scrap paper on a protected surface.
  3. Gently wring out the muslin bag and begin to blot the cards and paper with your plant dye. Experiment with different strokes and movements to vary the texture. To dry, lay flat, hang on hangers or place in a dehydrator. When the tea-dyed cards and paper are completely dry, place them between two sheets of parchment paper and iron to flatten. You may choose not to iron some of the dyed scrap paper if you like the final texture when dried.
  4. Meanwhile, download and print the vintage botanical images. A color printer will give you the vintage look and colors. Cut the images to size. You can also use rubber stamps.
  5. After your paper materials are ready, assemble your cards. Use the glue stick to attach the dyed paper and vintage prints to the cards. Tearing the edges of the paper to fit the card adds texture and interest. Let your creativity run wild.
  6. To finish the cards, cut a rectangle of white or cream paper to go inside the card leaving a ¼”- ½” margin. Glue the paper inside the card. This creates a smooth writing surface on the inside of the note card.
  7. Now, appreciate your artwork! Send a sweet note to a friend, or give as an extra-special handmade  gift.

Keep a supply of these cards on hand for personal notes or stack several together with envelopes and gift them to your friends who still love the personal touch of a handwritten note.

We had so much fun creating the cards you see here, and I know you will too. I’d love to see your creativity at work. Snap a picture of your tea-dyed note cards, post it on Instagram and tag it #nectarherbandtea.

Have fun,

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